Thalia Capo

Lead DesignerChris Bradley
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Thalia Guitar Capo combines a novel functional design with super premium aesthetics. Simply put, a guitar capo clamps onto the fretboard of a guitar to change it's key. Capos have been around for centuries but have changed little in this time period. They have traditionally been utilitarian devices that require awkward two handed operations to place and remove from the neck. The Thalia Capo fundamentally changes all of this with its unique reverse action design, allowing for an intuitive, one-handed, squeeze-to-open operation. This unique mechanism makes the capo ergonomically effortless to place, remove, adjust, and slide along the fretboard making for smooth transitions between songs or even to compose songs with key changes in the middle of the song. To take this a step further, The Thalia Capo is also a complete rethinking of the capo as a piece of art. Our aesthetic goal was to create a truly beautiful capo that would match or compliment your instrument, so that when in use or even when clamped to the headstock it can act as jewelry for your guitar. We know that tastes vary, so we created a lineup of beautiful designs with either chrome, black chrome or gold finishes and a selection of beautiful exotic wood and abalone shell inlays.