11 K-Waks

Designerketan Jawdekar
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This private residence is a weekend home built in a one-acre plot near Pune for a businessman. The major factor was to create a week end home for three generations of the family. Since it is a sloping land, the topography was used to an advantage by drawing inspiration from the step fields one commonly sees for paddy cultivation. Following the creed of ‘Less is more’, different levels have been created for the different areas in the house. From the road that runs along the upper periphery, one can only see the roof and this helps maintain privacy for the family. The central courtyard with its dry landscape is the focus for the entire house as each area is accessed from here. It also acts as a ventilation shaft that keeps entire living space cool in Pune’s hot and dry climate. Large Glass panes allow nature into the house that also has a pool attached to living room deck that can be accessed from any side. Westerly wind passes over the pool to gush into living room and courtyard cooling the entire space. The open plan of the house allows plenty of spaces that are visually connected to each other. Large overhangs on the west side allow main structure to get protection from harsh sunlight as well as heavy rains in monsoon. Rainwater harvesting is achieved by connecting natural slope and the rain water pipes to the cavity below Mother’s room that also has a natural underground stream. Solar panels on the top deck get rid of boilers in the bathroom. Traditional finishes like terrazzo and leather finish Black Cudappah flooring, local stone decking further enhance the climate control while Lighting is entirely LED for low electricity consumption. Overall, it is a fusion of modern architecture with traditional Indian planning.

About Designer

When innovation and creativity is the main stay of a design studio, each completed work is more of an art piece than space design. Each project different from the other and hence exclusive! This is what clients have come to expect from Studio K-7. Established in 1995 as Ketan Jawdekar and Associates, under the aegis of its Principal Ketan Jawdekar, the design studio was rechristened as Studio K-7 Designs Pvt. Ltd. With this came a more focused vision and the studio became an amalgamation of young and dynamic entrepreneurs who would implement innovative ideas creating exquisite projects. This has, over the years, ensured a different and exclusive output each time that has resulted in absolute client satisfaction. Aiming to providing a complete design solution, the team works on the guided principal – ‘from a pin to piano’, for almost all its projects. And this is achieved by keeping in mind, the client’s budget and individual tastes, which results in rewarding structures with world-class designs adding unusual colours to life. The design studio offers consultancy in Architecture and Interiors, and for open and public spaces. Each design is visualized and achieved by following a simple seven-point agenda: . Elegance through simplicity in design . Optimization of experience . Trouble shooting with inspiring architecture . Reflect overall theme . Harmonising with the environment . Effortless implementation . Cost effectiveness This has lead the Studio to winning many national and international accolades and awards.