Entry Description

To create a delightful and lively mood, yellow is chosen as the theme color and randomly dotted about different zones since it represents brightness and happiness as sunflowers do. The designer takes inspiration from the grace and charm of flower and makes sunflower the theme of this very special gift from a mother for her beloved daughter. The theme color can be seen everywhere: on walls, in vases, on patterns or even on the ceiling. Modern construction style, well-equipped kitchen and bathroom set limit to interior design and make no great difference between the decorated and the original one. Clients would always find the design unsatisfying since it looks no different from their neighbors’. While this project breaks down the limitation of the structure, emphasizes the theme and personality. It tells the story of passing on the love between generations: it will be the sweet home of the daughter after she gets married. Yellow represents vigor and vitality and matches perfectly with the theme: flowers. The designer did not use yellow a lot in previous works since most people would like to play it safe. Such daring design cannot be made without the encouragement from the occupant whose youthfulness and vigor is best showed by the elaborate design of the dining room.