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The American wildness in the 50's and 60's metropolitan glamour charms us all for its bold and experimental application of colors. The occupants have good capacity in their open-mindedness embracing a very personalized interior and architectural design - presenting their own nostalgic collections in the sitting room of a 3,000 feet home, while utilizing every corners to house objects and patterns with variety in styles, textures and weighs, yet all the details conclude with contemporary vibes as a unity. The good old days revitalized - the true colors in design Facing the spacious landscape living area as one enters the house is the exceptional wine hanging system using vermillion red leather ropes to show the character of the occupant, which serves like an art installation to parallel with the vibrant oil painting that injects energies to the dining room. As for the oil painting behind the dining table, the use of colors and features of the female facial close-up are fashioned with the "American good old days" style, yet the contextualization as a decoration in the space revitalized it with contemporarily. To interplay with the nostalgia and contemporariness stated in the sitting room and dining area, the study is a cool place to stay for it furnished like an arsenal: very symbolic for knowledge, inspirations and ideas are as powerful and sharp as bullets can do, just like the male occupant does. The stimulative study room reflects the passion for war games enjoyed by the designer, whom knows well about the occupant's personality which always draw attention. The glass door which can open at its right angle is very well placed to work the magic with the window to let lights in, as well as to be seen by the eyes filled with admiration. The comparatively plain tones of the same category used in the room are to voice out the nostalgic yet very lively vibes that the family enjoyed: curtains touching both the floor and the ceiling in brownish orange, bronze faucet, walnut colored components, and the TV cabinet assimilating the oldish leather box-luggages to the very stylish old fashioned suits properly fit on the wooden models...all features in the master room shows a harmony of its kind that specially reflects the exquisite tastes and sophistication of the occupant.