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DOTO Rebranding

Companyenhanced Inc.
Lead DesignersHiromi Maeo
ClientHiromi Maeo
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
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Entry Description

Rebranding project of DOTO (East Hokkaido Electric Co., Ltd.) which
develops multilateral business based in Hokkaido.

DOTO (East Hokkaido Electric Co., Ltd.) who was born in Obihiro,
Hokkaido and had 50th anniversary of the foundation challenge the
aim to advance not only into a limited market in Hokkaido, but also all
over Japan and the global market in the environmental energy business
which will be a key in the future.

They will face a lot of difficulties that they will always have to overcome
from now on. On that occasion, they will have to reform the regional
characteristics, habits, ways of business, and consciousness that was
accepted only in the limited market, and they will also need to change
themselves in a flexible thinking. This radical change in consciousness
is the essence of a challenge, and it is what they should always keep in

Future DOTO will head for the next new 50 years with this new logo in
order to become DOTO of Japan and the world from DOTO in

18-9 grid modular for brand identity collateral:
All tools are controlled by 18-9 grid modular. This makes a
relationship between the logo and red line common in al tools, and it
was set in order to maximize its effect. Also, everyone aims to be able
to produce this relationship easily. A grid transforms according to
various media, and it derives a logo and the red line that will be the
most suitable size of the media.