DesignerCarole Pont & Céline Guibat
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Construction of the Forest management center of the Cône de Thyon The client’s concept is to develop local resources. The project celebrates the quality of local timber as well as the unique fabrication skills and craftsmanship of the region. The timber used for the construction comes from the same forest utilised by the Forest management of Cône de Thyon. The static concept is develepoded according to the potential of the local timber. The building consists of an administration room and a storage hall both of them meeting Minergie standards.

About Designer

Generosity, simplicity and efficiency These three words define the way mijong likes to look at it’s surroundings, to interacte with it’s daily activity. Narration as support in term of production - Happenings as well as work shell be told, reality shell be carved, construction and processes, shell be generous, simple and efficient. Mijong relies on storytelling as link between ideas and construction. Mijong loves daily business and is training of making construction hardness a sweet candy. Mijong believes in the one to one interaction as a growing path for all the players. Mijong currently works on interiors, exhibitions, and buildings. Mijong is a team made out of 9 women and a man with a middle age of 30 years old. Mijong is thankful to all its clients and friends actively supporting the team.