The Round Method - Circular Calendar

DesignerDavid Schellander, Designer
Prize2nd Place in Print / Calendars
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Entry Description

„Always, in my imagination, the year has had a circular form. „ The Round Method - Circular Calendar is an paper-based planner that helps you achieve what really matters to you. It displays the year in an innovative circular form and thus allows to intuitively and effectively plan projects, deadlines, and appointments – while always staying focused on your bigger goals and resolutions. The whole year at a glance From the vision and the big annual goals in the middle, to the weekly and daily level. With its innovative zone concept the Round Method - Circular Calendar offers a perfect overview at any time. Overview or details? Overview And details! It bridges our bigger objectives and resolutions and the things we do on a daily basis. All sub-goals and subtasks are visible at any time, while you still have an eye on the big picture. Versatile and multifunctional Perfect to reach your goals, focus on your vision, pursue your dreams or just use as a calendar to note down birthdays or other events. The calendar is available as digital download and as a printed version. About the Round Method: Nowadays nearly everything is digital. But despite all our digital tools and helpers we still use small sticky notes to write down our thoughts. Pretty interesting, isn't it? It seems that all these modern apps can´t satisfy our demand for "real", "traditional" planning, for touching the paper with our hands and for the smell of fresh paper and ink. We miss the process where our thoughts flow directly through our arm and the pen onto the paper, where they get eternalized. Why aren´t there any great "analog" planners, with aesthetic design and meaningful functions which give us back the things we are craving for? Well, there are - The Round Method.