DesignerEnrico Pianigiani
Entry Description

“Scarpetta” in Italian means the gesture to clean the plate with bread because of delicious food and it represents the emblem of the Italian dining experience and habits. “Scarpetta” brand in is an authentic Italian gastronomic experience based on pairings between dishes and drinks, high quality artisan products with no additives nor preservatives, dishes that evoke the story of their territories. Its packaging is a box composed by two pieces: the container has four oval holes to show the goods inside. On the other hand, the lid exposes, in an oval label some information about the box through a simple and original graphic: for how many people it is, and what's inside. The color of the label changes depending on products: red for “arrabbiata”, green for “pesto”, orange for “chianina” and yellow for “vegetables & beans”. The box's color are not casual. In fact the container is with a cardboard paper color because it wants to recall the authenticity and genuineness of the country style mixing and contrasting the elegant red design of the lid. The logo refers to graphic elements inspired ingredients that are the basis of Italian cuisine: basil for green, tomato for red and a plate for white. The letter S is the distinctive element and it is drawn like a track of sauce left by the “Scarpetta”. Inside the box there is also a brochure that explains how to cook the meal. The graphic design is simple and soft to recall the simplicity of the Italian recipe.