Prospiti. Furniture Factory Branding.

Entry Description

Corporate stationery. Special carbon fiber papers, hot stamping, silkscreen and reliefs. Specialty and coated papers in complement. Print run: 1,000 copies. Corporate branding and corporate stationery design. This graphic system was based on BAUHAUS’ morphology and design concept, as well as its leading artists. Inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, H3L intervened his work and turned it upside down. After countless attempts at trying to find a connection between an object and a symbol, truth was revealed. There is more than meets the eye. The outcome: a letter. P. Stripped and perfect. The warmth of leather marries the coldness of steel. The right proportion of materials is expressed in harmony. A simple line drawing is printed on paper and cardboards while they invite us to become part of a new space, which holds a design manifesto.

About Designer

Hachetresele born in 2004, in Patagonia Argentina. Founded and directed from the beginning to the present by Horacio Lardiés developing different global projects in Latinoamerica, USA and Europe. Profile H3L develops itself through the production of commercials, artistic and social contents of international significance. The interaction of these three thematic lines, argue the multiplicity of response options provided by an unconventional branding study. What We Do Hachetresele produce multidisciplinary material based on fashion campaigns, video art, installations, public spaces design, and highly complex online tolos. Its innovative proposal set specific services in Marketing, Advertising, Signage, Industrial Design, Editorial, Packaging and On/Off material line fields. Visual Culture Developers In 2006, the study created the editorial H3L “Hotel 21:30” and scored an active role in the cultural scene in exporting its vision for different areas of art in the world. In 2007, Hachetresele developed the first International Design Festival as part of the presentation of the second edition of the book “Hotel 21:30” published as a support group of artistic reflection. After published out exhibitions, conferences and workshops in the major cities of Argentina and other countries, H3L launched the first episode of “Okupa”. A brand new trading support to other cultures. Featured at Finisterrae University, located in Santiago, Chile. Launched as a new trading support to other cultures. Latin American companies and institution have called “Okupa” as a motivation and recreation space designed for professionals and students.