Lucifer Lighting Monograph

ClientTiffany Ricardo
DesignerJanice Cavaliere
Entry Description

When engineering and design company, Lucifer Lighting, needed to design a monograph book that would make its CEO and avid book collector Gilbert Matthews proud, the company turned to Gensler. Lucifer Lighting sought to create clear, compelling brand communications and tools to support its international expansion goals. Having established a client relationship of six years, Gensler developed an understanding of brand vernacular that enabled Gensler to create, refine and extend a fresh new brand vocabulary. This new brand DNA was applied to the company’s exhibit spaces, print collateral, advertising and website that successfully conveys the broad range of its product offerings. Bold typography, background patterns extrapolated from technical drawings, color gradients and stunning product photography combine to reflect the elegance and value of the company's products while offering technical details in an approachable and engaging manner. In a radical departure from a conventional product catalog, Gensler fulfilled the company’s request for a monograph book, which employs a fresh, sophisticated and memorable visual vocabulary. With this comprehensive design vernacular and dedication to simplifying the complex, Gensler was successful in helping the client to tailor their messaging and deliver a compelling monograph for a diverse customer base.