Penguin Book Covers

CompanyCATC Design College Australia
DesignerLeone Selva
Prize2nd Place in Print / Key Art
Entry Description

The Student Brief - Refresh your chosen covers from the popular Penguin Books classic literature line, incorporating the themes of the story and set appropriate type for the books title and author. Clockwork Orange - Textured paper was laser cut and a thick layer of glue was applied to the surface of the layout, the glue was scrapped backed to create a feeling of “dystopian grittiness”. The cog represents the mechanism “brainwashing” that is was used to rehabilitate the central character depicted in the book. The orange rays emanating from the middle are the proverbial light at the end of a tunnel and the idea of “redemption”. Frankenstein - The title name was laser cut from textured paper and hand stitched onto a silvery grey paper stock, then mounted on black board. The silvery grey paper represents the metal surfaces found in science labs. The “roughly” done cross stitching are the surgical sutures used to build a creature made up of mismatched human body parts. The red thread represents the idea of blood and that the “life” of every creature is its blood.