Fangsuo Chengdu

DesignerChu Chih-Kang Space Design Co., Ltd.
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Fangsuo Chengdu is located at the underground floor of commercial streets surrounded the Daci Temple, in where Xuanzhang, a famous Chinese Buddhist monk in Tang dynasty, practiced Buddhism before he went on a spiritual journal to India. The designer was inspired by the history; therefore he created a modern underground ‘sutra depository’, which symbolizes discovering the ancient knowledge from its hidden place. To resemble the scene of an ancient sutra depository, materials with plain look are used: concrete columns with large cutting surfaces, bookcases in the loft, the bridge and catwalk across the bookcases. A bookstore should embody the concept of human history, culture, and wisdom; and it should embrace the past and unknown future with a grand vision. The elements of planet diagram and constellation are used to present the unknown universal. The bookstore is 3’580 m2 in area, and over 100m in span. Lots of high-pressure-release design techniques were used: just imagine in a cave, after walking through a secrete tunnel, you would be amazed to see a magnificent temple with 9-meter vast concrete columns, how unforgettable! The metallic tube-shape escalator connecting entrance and store presents a gateway leading to a sacred and unknown world, just like a ‘legend’ forever. A long bridge goes through the space; the slopped and wide handrail is designed for people to read books on it comfortably. People can ‘nest’ in the bookstore and enjoy the tranquil time of reading. ‘Nesting’ is a leisure attitude of Sichuan people, wherever they go, they’d like to have a place for resting. The pattern of bookcases and bridge resembles the aesthetic and poetic Chinese garden. Fangsuo Chengdu not only carries cultures and living attitudes, but also provides customers a place for inner peace, and a door of hope.