Stevenson University School of Design

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

About a month after graduating from Stevenson University, I was honored with the opportunity to design a poster for the School of Design.

Based on my college experience, I developed a tagline and combined with their existing one—"Find Your Passion, and Design Your Career."

With the idea of "finding your passion" in mind, I started thinking of different ways to express this idea, as well as presenting the variety of opportunities available. I eneded up with two variations of a word search: one already solved, perfect for display, and a second blank, interactive, and filled with opportunities to be discovered.


I’m a graphic designer (and student) specializing in the areas of branding, print design, and typography. Born in 90s, for the first decade of my life, drawing was initially a hobby, and gradually became a skill. Having been born in the nation’s capital, raised on a farm in Maryland, and traveled between there and Louisiana to visit family, I draw most of my inspiration from these contrasting environments and experiences. From these inspirations, my style can be described as vintage, contemporary, and animated with an added dose of symbolism.