Floor Standing Speakers

Lead DesignerTony Tam
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Appropriately dubbed as a ‘’Retro-Futuristic’’ design, this 48 inch tall spun aluminium and solid wood design has, in a special way, revolutionized speaker designs.
Conceptually, it was designed to harness the natural resonance combining the wood and aluminium material. Secondly, a huge concaved solid wooden disc was designed
to improve the sound stage versus the traditional speaker box designs.

This combined and balanced form substantially improved the traditional ‘’king’s triangle’’ whereas the optimal listening position is relatively restricted. The bass frequencies are evenly disbursed via the conical base facing downwards to the surface of the floor.
The overall aesthetics is attained as it looks like a giant black vinyl disc facing directly to the audience, supported by a clean, conical aluminium alloy.
As a result, the speakers are now able to achieve Hi-Fi quality play back at low to moderate volume, and most importantly, pleasurable listening and visual enjoyment.


Tony Tam (tt@deltabluesaudio.com), is a well experienced Executive in Private Equity and Debt Capital Markets, this Audio project has been his DREAM PROJECT, after being a passionate Hi Fi, Blues and Jazz Fan for years. In fact his practical knowledge in Design was earned by years of dealing with various designers and electronics manufacturers. His debut design, THE CONCERT MASTERS ™, won the A&D Trophy Awards 2015 for Professional Product Design. It has been featured in various Design and Architecture magazines. He will continue to design new models which are based on the same vector, horns design methods using the combination of aluminum and wood.