Prize(s)1st Place in Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules
Entry Description

Modular sofa with structure in metal, with elastic belt spring system stretched over a metal frame.
Padding in high-resilience expanded polyurethane, upholstery in thermo-bonded fibre with
stretch jersey. Metal armrest padding in high-resilience expanded polyurethane. Seat and back cushions in 100% European, channelled goose feather, down, closed in independent rooms filling with central
insert high-resilience polyurethane foam in different densities and memory foam. Fully removable
covers in both fabric and leather versions. Feet in shiny stainless steel.
The profile, outlined by clean and linear shapes, shows a mood characterized by a style both simple and refined. Alato rests on a solid base but at the same time, seems to disappear right before the most careful observer's eyes. The armrests on both sides seem like real wings. These are the distinctive elements that make the first encounter with Alato unforgettable. A piece of furniture with a signature design.


Elegans. From the Latin "who knows how to choose". In a word, the beginning of a history. That
of Black Tie and Pier Luigi Frighetto, the founder. 35 years of experience in the world of
designing and producing upholstering, in the eclectic role of entrepreneur, talent scout and style
consultant. The creator of an elegance, as an attitude and way of being. As a conscious choice of
authentic beauty, which he does not consider as a point of arrival, but an on-going pursuit. A
fascinating voyage that now finds its expression through the world of Black Tie. A collection of
sofas and armchairs, in addition to furnishing accessories for living rooms, exclusive. Each
individual piece is numbered and has a passport stating its characteristics, origin and quality,
accompanying it throughout its long life. Strictly hand-made seats, thereby limited edition,
controlled in detail, one at a time. Impeccable in terms of materials and construction, just like a
tailor-made haute couture suit. Quality fabrics and leather for the linings. Top upholstering.
Generous and comfortable seats. Completely Italian production chain. A dress code that goes
beyond the appearance, looking through to the essence of things. Luxury considered as a sense
of harmony and perfection, as a subtle attention to detail. Elegance that is not put on display,
that knows how to distinguish itself and by an audience that knows how to choose.