Project: "KT8"
Company:palatti, SWN Moravia s.r.o.
Designer(s): Christian Kroepfl, Austria
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: KT8 This table created sheer euphoria with designers, woodworking professionals and admirers of unobtrusive Scandinavian design at its introduction in 2014 in Vienna. Presented was a solid wood table supported by a simple delicate wood truss, made from your choice of oak or American walnut. The use of traditional wood joinery, in combination with a well-conceived construction method, allowed for a 20% reduction in the wood cross sections that one would ordinarily expect on such leg structures. The clarity of design and the deliberate restraint to the essential averts superficial attention: modest, sophisticated and calm in nature, this table makes a point that great design does not tolerate hierarchies or compromise in the interaction of form and function.

About the Designer/Company
Christian Kroepfl was born in Dornbirn (Austria), Europe and currently practices as an Architect and Designer in Vienna, where he develops and designs high-quality design furniture, whose clear and timeless form language as well as detail precision have now become his trademark. In his design work the questions about functionality and quality as well as the use of natural and sustainable materials are in the centre of the development process. Modern design, in particular combinations of steel and solid wood, resolves into timeless and aesthetic furniture that beautifies our everyday life.