Project: "Origami Chaise Longue"
Company:Sergentakis Dimitrios // School of Architecture Technical University of Crete // Digital Fabrication Laboratory
Designer(s): Dimitrios Sergentakis , Greece
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: This project is based on the origami folding technique. The great challenge, through the design and construction process, was to resemble the lightness and the stability of a self-supporting system, as they appear in any origami paper-construction. At the beginning of the design process, the appropriate inclinations and dimensions that provide comfort have been analyzed. Later on, these settings have been used as guidelines to create a dynamic design, based on three main triangles which are able to support the functional needs of a chaise longue, the back, the sitting and the leg extension. Additionally, extra triangles were designed to accommodate some further needs of the chaise longue, such as the side arms and the back support “wings”. Origami chaise longue has been fabricated with etalbond, because of its ability to be treated as a paper and as a result to succeed the folding and the stability of an origami construction

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