Project: "Summer Garden Liqueur"
Designer(s): Edmundas Jankauskas, Lithuania
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: The main purpose of this project was to completely redesign existing Summer Garden liqueur. To make it look fresher, more exclusive and modern, white elements were used for the information and secondary graphics. For the main image, which is supposed to immediately convey the flavour of the liqueur, coloured and stylised elements of the fruits were used. This project was made as a concept for the final coursework in collaboration with Stumbras AB.

About the Designer/Company
2015-2017 (currently), Visual Communication Design, MA, Vilnius Academy of Arts, VILNIUS/LITHUANIA 2014-2015, Graphic Design, BA Bridging Studies, Vilnius Academy of Arts, VILNIUS/LITHUANIA 2011-2014, Graphic Design, BA, Vilnius College of Design, VILNIUS/LITHUANIA.