Project: "Renovations for guest lodging services like Airbnb"
Company:RBaba Inc.
Designer(s): RBaba Inc., Japan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Renovations for the 2nd, 3rd floors and rooftops of houses intended for guest lodging services like Airbnb. Brand Concept: “To live in a high-class ryokan, charter Japanese rock garden illuminations” Airbnb Concept: “Travel to live.” We have 3 “Japanese modern” design points, which take into account the 2020 Tokyo Olympic concept “Cool Japan” and a feeling of true “NIPPON” 1. “Event Feel”: Illuminations for traditional dry landscapes and rock garden for experiencing Japanese “Zen Culture” 2. “Originality”: For the interior design of walls, beams, pillars, and tatami floors, we composed an fresh, original three-color color scheme similar to high-ranking ryokan hotels. 3. “Comfortability”: In “Japanese Modern” style, we use interior planning which will make your foreign guests feel at ease. By distributing renovations to old properties equal to high- class ryokans, we can help contribute a solution to the problem of empty houses and hotel shortages.

About the Designer/Company
Slogan is 'Make Your Room Cafe Restaurant Style' "Cafe Restaurant Style" is an interior planning design. "Cafe Restaurant Style" is model home that gives the feeling of art as if one is living in a cafe and consists of only four interior elements; curtains, rugs, plants, and lighting. Shining light on a wall with plants on it creates whimsical illumination space. "Cafe Restaurant Style" casually brings such whimsical illumination seen dating spaces like theme parks and restaurants into the house. As "Cafe Restaurant Style" uses four elements, not only it can be applied in privately owned residences but also in rental houses and apartments.