Project: "Pavilion Ponderosa"
Company:PCA- Paolo Cucchi Architects
Designer(s): PCA-Paolo Cucchi Architects, Malaysia
Category: Other Architectural designs, Professional
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Entry Description: Architecture and landscape, closely blended together, offer a harmonic ensemble where water, greenery and light play the primary role of regeneration. Essential modern idiom, material and visual contaminations between outside and inside maximise the sensorial experience to live closely connected with the beauty of nature, and its calming and soothing power. Compact and porous, the pavilion, nestled on a strip of current water, opens up at the center, offering the feeling to sit immersed in the tropical context. Glass voids break the travertine envelope and glimpses of the garden invade the internal space. Rhythm of running water, from the sprightly jets along the granite wall fence, performs a miracle of freshness, provoking and renewing emotions. Attentive combination of light, natural and artificial, rhythmically enhances the belt of fluidity that embraces and nurtures as vital lymph the composition.

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