Project: "Designing Cultural Center and Peripheral Landscape of Magsudiye’s Historic Pass in Tabriz With Emphasis on Sensory Perception (blind people with disabilities)"
Designer(s): Mahdieh Niroumand Shishavan Soghra Niroumand Shishavan Supervisor: Dr. Majid Salehiniya Advisor: Dr. Armin Bahramiyan , Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Category: Architecture Categories, Student
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Entry Description: Today, the gap in the architectural design process is dominated by adherence to the culture of the visual axis. Because of the predominance of vision over other senses, designers are also often intuitive design. Unaware of the number of members of the community are incapable of understanding the visual quality.In this scheme, with the aim of achieving design solutions and details, to study sensory perception (including visual and non-visual perception), human senses, architecture, multi-sensory, intuitive and visually impaired persons and factors affecting pays low. Finally, Maghsudieh pass in Tabriz was selected to test these concepts. This process begins with the question of how the human visual perception of surrounding space is able to understand. Are sensory qualities play a role in human interaction and a sense of space? Especially those with sensory disabilities? The research on the sensory qualities of the neighborhood was done, using questionnaires and interviews that were conducted

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