Project: "owl"
Designer(s): PERSPECTIVA, Spain
Category: Illumination, Professional
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Entry Description: Owl is a revolutionary communication and management system for restaurants. Owl improves business efficiency and provides a personalized relationship with restaurant customers by generating useful information for both restaurants and their customers. It is able to sense its orientation (position), and displays the selected mode, there’re there modes: Waiter, do not disturb and pay. To make an order via the waiter, the customer turns the Owl to select the "waiter" position. Because there are certain situations that require privacy, customers can select the "do not disturb" position. To avoid unnecessary delays in paying the bill, customers can select the "Pay" position. In this way, Owl saves time for restaurant customers and provides real-time data about the customers' dining habits. And it helps to manage staff efficiency and take advantage of their customers' feedback to help grow the business and generate (enhances) promotional opportunities.

About the Designer/Company
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