Project: "Quantifier"
Designer(s): Julien Gionis / StudioJugi, Greece
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Quantifier is a London based company specialized in NFC & Telematic solutions, Geolocation / Satellite tracking, and high security RFID. We designed a modern identity revolving around a custom display typeface created with dots to visualize the theme of interconnection that the company provides. We used the Q as brand mark, and developed various pictograms using the same dotted grid along playful geometric patterns for key visuals.

About the Designer/Company
Julien Gionis (FR/GR) is a multidisciplinary designer & creative director with over 10 years of experience on a wide range of communication design projects. Passionate about strategic design, Julien is an identity consultant with specialized expertise in corporate identity development for global clients across multiple sectors such as luxury, technology, fashion, publishing & shipping among others. His work has been distinguished through international design awards, and published in several books, magazines & websites. Since 2016 Julien leads StudioJugi, a design practice devoted to effective brand development marked by clarity, simplicity and quality.