Project: "Elegant and Refined Mansion"
Company:SunShine Creative Space Construction Co., Ltd.
Designer(s): Chih-Ming Lin, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The lookout windows, in the living room, make the place composed and elegant. The audio electronics are installed on the both sides of the TV wall, which is built by warm imported marbles. The trims skill is delicate and how the owner feel is taken into consideration as well. The recessed cabinet spares of the pace, behind which the bedroom configuration is ingenious, enhancing the efficiency of the space. The design of the couch wall is brilliant, on which the design that the leathers at the center and the recessed artistic surface varies with time. The design of avant-garde titanium mosaic transforms into the delicate grilles at night, the gentle lines making the public area the most beautiful place. The study room is furnished with grained timbers, which preserve the elegant atmosphere. The partial wall surface, desktop, table corners, lights shelves, and cabinets, are covered with avant-garde stainless steel.

About the Designer/Company
SunShine Creative Space Construction Co., Ltd.