Project: "Art & Eau Website"
Designer(s): B_ANNA_NA Anna-Maria Abbruzzo, Creative Director Ghislaine Sauvé-Tong, Junior Graphic Designer Kathleen Capiral, Junior Graphic Designer, Canada
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This study of the color blue is dedicated to Josef Albers. A color master, he taught at the Bauhaus before emigrating to the United States and teaching at Black Mountain College. His book, "Interaction of Color," is considered a classic in the field of visual arts. He is one of my greatest influences and remains my point of reference when it comes to color. The graphic series entitled "Art & Eau" illustrate our intuitive connection with water and our innate thirst for art. This project serves to convey the idea that water and art are both necessity and luxury. The applied geometric shapes initially appear harsh when in contrast with the organic character of water. However, the use of the various blues and the typeface used create a harmonious identity evoking water in all its aspects.

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