Project: "ROBOTS 2017"
Company:TOFU Studio
Designer(s): ROBOTY / ROBOTS Art Direction: Adam Chyli?ski Robots: Marcin Chyli?ski Design: Zuza Zamorska, Ola Go??biewska, Marcin Chyli?ski, Adrian Samselski Colors: Adam Chyli?ski Concept: Miko?aj Chyli?ski (6 lat) Print Manager: Pawe? Morawczy?ski Code & Development: Ksawery Kirklewski Sound Designers: Marcin A. Steczkowski & Dawid Lewandowski Project manager: Daniel Naborowski Printing House: Drukarnia NORMEX Sponsors: TOFU Studio, NORMEX, Marcopol, , Poland
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Just as in previous years, we have prepared a charity calendar, whose main objective was to support image activities of a foundation of our choice, helping children in need. This year we invited the Foundation "Krwinka" from ?ód?, helping children with cancer. This year we created a multi-page calendar with illustrations, whose main subject were robots. Besides multicolored pages assigned to specific months, each card also appears as a coloring page, and for that purpose, each calendar is equipped with a set of crayons. The project was also prepared in a form of a website, designed and implemented by us. There you can freely download all calendar cards, print them out and color the way you like. In addition, we provided free sets of printed cards for primary and nursery schools, to be used in the art classes.

About the Designer/Company
TOFU’s principal philosophy is: „Quality that works” It reflects how our projects combine highest quality of creation with thorough communication and marketing analysis. Our foundation is a long-term experience in advertis- ing. We constantly follow latest trends in design and marketing and create non-standard solutions on various levels of communication. TOFU’s flexible structure allows for additional cooperation with top class professionals and specialists in a given field. Therefore we can fully optimise costs and built a competent team of creators assigned to individual projects. TOFU: ART: Adam Chyliński: co/founder BUSINESS: Daniel Naborowski: co/ fouder CREATIVE: Iwona Duczmal: co/founder