Project: "Qazvin University Conference Hall"
Designer(s): Payvaran Architect & Urban Designer, Mahmoud Moinzadeh, Iran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Entry Description: Azad Islamic University of Qazvin held a competition in 2013 to design the conference hall and side halls of the university with the capacity of 1500 people in 4300 square meters. Our design won the competition and we received the design gold award. Architectural concept The idea behind the proposed design was based on three basic factors as follows; 1- A unique integration of well-known forms and spaces with those derived from the Iranian Traditional Architecture 2- An incorporation and optimal arrangement of all needed spaces in order to meet the functional requirements of the project 3- An innovative use of sustainable architecture (green buildings), compatible with the local climate, conditions of the existing buildings and site of the complex.

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