Project: "Shang Kwong Court"
Designer(s): Company Name: Tiffany Design Group Ltd. Designer Name : Chan Yee Wah, Eva, Hong Kong
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Entry Description: Shan Kwong Court locates at Happy Valley, one of the luxury districts in Hong Kong. As per client’s request there should be a leisure atmosphere. The Mediterranean Sea style and contemporary fusion concept was chosen for its timeless appeal. A considerably large dining and living area include open kitchen and master bath room to make client feel good sense of space. There are mainly three materials for the overall design, marble-like ceramic tiles, energy saving painting and timber. The existing building structures such as beams and columns are transformed into functional and interesting decorations. The round decorative column can be stored cleaning tool and ladders. Plum pattern wallpaper and hand made washing veneer, it can show the feeling of natural leisure. There are good sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives in our design.

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