Project: "The Infinity Centre"
Company:McBride Charles Ryan
Designer(s): McBride Charles Ryan, Australia
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The Infinity Centre is a new facility for the Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School in Keilor East. PEGS approach to senior schooling combines structured pedagogy with individual freedom, and fosters socialisation and interaction. The Infinity Centre reflects this approach through the key concepts underpinning its design: the dynamic between structure and fluidity; between uniformity and individuality. At a practical level, the Infinity Centre provides all the structured areas required of such a facility. Beyond this, the design is developed as an abstraction of the infinity symbol. Like the gothic cathedral, the symbolic form is embodied in use. At the centre of the infinity plan, where all the wings cross over, is the library. The consistency of the external architectural treatment is in contrast to the richly expressive variety of internal spaces, materials and colours that distinguish the disciplines. The coexistence of these contrasts is emblematic of the school’s pedagogical approach.

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