Project: "grade-B shelf"
Designer(s): KAIRO KUSAMOTO, Japan
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: This object was made with a glass marble(called "B-DAMA" in japan) with a context of a defective item. The marble has come from the name B which is a meaning of a defective item. I attempted to change the meaning that the marbles have, especially by using B-DAMA used in Japan for furniture decoration. This object was created by a defective material, so this shelf was partially treated to remove the glass marbles on the surface, to include that meaning and context in object.This object use as interior object and furniture. This object can give an impression that it is not only one of the tool and décor of interior, but also the strength of time-consuming handcraft which is not found in mass-produced items.

About the Designer/Company
In 2012, he graduated from the Tokyo Zokei University Department of Design interior architecture. He has been enrolled in the Tokyo Zokei graduate design master's program from 2015.