Project: "Donglaishun"
Company:Dondao Creative Branding Group
Designer(s): Dongdao Creative Branding Group, China
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Donglaishun, with its origin in 1903, is a hundred-year franchise restaurant. In the past few years, its brand value weakens continuously, causing misconception for consumers to recognize it. By structuring both its historical and cultural context, we represented the restaurant like 100 years ago, adopting hand-drawn illustrations as core brand elements. In order to enhance its brand image, we restored the scene, people and story of Donglaishun at its founding time. Based on research, we adopted Beijing-style hand-drawn illustrations in design, which represented the prosperity, ancient buildings, the general public, officials and nobles, poets and literary men all at that time. By applying all the above core elements, we constructed the systematic brand identity, and created an artistic and humanistic brand image. Therefore, consumers can perceive the historical inheritance of cultural value behind this revitalized brand.

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