Project: "Garanti Bank Sustainability Report 2015"
Company:Daniska Contemporary Advertising and Design
Designer(s): Company Name: Daniska Contemporary Advertising and Design Design Director: Erkul Yazgan, Pemra Atac Aciktan Designer: Hakan Kucukyilmaz Illustrations: Ahmet Iltas Project Management: Umit Kinoglu, Mutena Sezgin, Turkey
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The glaciers that are vital for all of us are disappearing faster than ever. In the light of this fact, we designed the 2015 Sustainability Report of Garanti Bank especially to underline the importance the bank places on values of sustainability for a better and sustainable future. Instead of nature trying to survive on a small piece of iceberg against the dark future, we want it to blossom in its own environment in a sustainable world. The water based environmentally friendly phosphorus ink we used in the printing of this report, ensures that the sustainability values of Garanti Bank are carried on day and night with the same energy, ever growing.

About the Designer/Company
Daniska is a contemporary design and advertising agency based in Istanbul. Since the agency was founded in 2008, ad and design, design and art, art and street, street and digital go hand in hand. With its work's unique idea, strategy, design, and impact, Daniska aims to raise the reaction "Who did this?"