Project: "Anzu London"
Company:Blenheim Design Ltd
Designer(s): Blenheim Design, United Kingdom
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Objective was to create Japanese brasserie serving rustic and refined dishes. We believe that the good restaurant design should reflect the food on offer. We researched Wabi Sabi and Yungen principles of aesthetics which progressed to Mayabi and Shinto principles. Materials and colour palette drew from Japanese elements of earth, metal, stone, wood, fire and water. Result is an atmospheric and functional fine dining environment that embodies a luxurious feel throughout the restaurant interior.Design concept is based on Japanese philosophy of five elements. Entrance is located in the birth area, featuring wood, whilst restaurant and bar are in the centre where yellow colour is reflected in brass and plaster colour. Earth which represents power is found in Shikui plaster and Washi throughout the restaurant. Design of the space is fairly unique in a sense that Anzu is an easily recognisable Japanese restaurant whilst Parisian brasserie feel comes from materials.

About the Designer/Company
Blenheim Design was established in 2008 by Maja Myall following 11 years within hospitality design industry. Maja was raised in Belgrade where she studied product design, before moving to England to further her education in Interior architecture. First day after her graduation Maja walked into a Structural engineers office where she worked on fantastic and challenging projects. Maja lead and managed the design of a numerous prestigious projects, from high street brand Carluccio's to Micheline star Pied à Terre, Chapters Restaurants and hotels. Blenheim Design specialize in commercially viable Interior Architecture and Design for restaurants, bars, hotels, retail , leisure and office. Maja Myall approaches interior design with an architectural eye. Her extensive experience, allows her to provide a varied range of services to differing hospitality and retail groups. From private individuals and entrepreneurs, through to larger companies and corporations. Her mission is to build long term relationships with our clients, to over-deliver on their expectations and to have fun along the way. Maja believes that the heart of a good design is in the functionality as well as the beauty of the space. We take time to understand your business - what matters to you and your customers. She has the track record of providing a high level of customer service and detail design.