Project: "Interlocking Table"
Designer(s): sawako kaijima (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Singapore
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This is a small coffee table is composed of 5 elements with interlocking joints without mechanical fasteners or adhesives. The cantilevering composition of the table creatively utilizes both geometry and material to withstand structural loads. Extending a traditional joint, Kone-Hozo Hanasen-Jime Oire, the two most notable table legs are fully printed using Multi-Material 3D printing technology. The wood grain-like pattern in the legs represents the optimal grain orientation, while its fitting is ensured by a material composition inspired by the wood scarfing technique. Material design of a 3D object at a microscopic scale demonstrates the possibility of designing and fabricating 3D composite material that integrates considerations that pertain to both efficiency and aesthetics.

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