Project: "TOGETHER"
Company:Shenzhen Cimax Design Company Limited
Designer(s): Design Company: Shenzhen Cimax Design Company Limited Chief Designer: Bo Lee Team Members: Junmin He, China
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Entry Description: It is an amazing experience to design the showing space for "TOGETHER"---2016 International Creative Design Furniture Exhibition during the Andrew Martin International Design Summit.All the design works were being collected from great designers and artist in China,Hong Kong and Taiwan.It is also a big challenge to display all these individual and characteristic art works together in harmony.Although these art works were coming from interior designer,architecture,fashion designer and sculpture artist,I found a common feature,which is all of them showed affections of Chinese traditional art.Then I have a strong willing to create a 'Courtyard',I give the theme of the show ---if there is a Courtyard,like that... Here furniture plays the main role and displays well with the courtyard who acts as a teller of the past,the present and the future.Together they show the visitors the most profound,fascinating and aesthetical part of oriental cultures.

About the Designer/Company
BO Li Shenzhen Cimax Design Company Limited / Cimax Design Engineering (Hong Kong)Limited Founder & Chief Designer Shantou University Cheung Kong School of Art and Design & Shantou University Graduate School Joint Education Supervisor Tsinghua University Soft-mounted and Display Design Senior Training Class Guest Lecturer Guilin Tourism University Visual Art Department Visiting Professor The founder and chief designer of Shenzhen Cimax Design Company Limited/Cimax Design Engineering (Hong Kong)Limited,Mr. Bo Li,was born in Shanghai in 1971,he founded Cimax Design Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited in 2004 and together with Ms.Wen Jie led a very young design team to provide customers with a wide range of design services. Following the basic principles of:“Pay every attention to detail,function first,question routine and find new ways to interpret design”. Our design areas include real-estate related projects (clubs,sales centers,model units,etc.),private mansions,hotel design and office design.We also provide customers with graphical renderings,product design and architectural designs.