Project: "Taws Office - Dubai, UAE"
Company:Bishop Design Studio FZ - LLC
Designer(s): Bishop Design Residential, United Arab Emirates
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: “Taws” was established in UK 39 years ago and is a prestigious Printing Company who have developed brands such as Disney and Niké. Opening in Dubai Design District, we zoned the areas to accommodate two Executive Offices, a Conference and Meeting Room, and a Working Area. The office was designed with an industrial feel using concrete flooring and wired metal ceiling. Quirky details were added such as whiskey bottle lighting, old typing letters and wired metal glass. The design concept incorporates the brand identity by, for example, using the Taws Barcode and showcasing it as flooring. We also added feminine details through lighting effects, soft textures and design details such as Shoe Box display lighting. The Conference Area has practical yet original elements for display such as suspended Acrylic Show Boxes hanging over the Conference Table and back lit display shelving framed by graphics from the early years of printing.

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