Project: "Spiral Arches"
Company:daydreamers design
Designer(s): Daydreamers Design, Hong Kong
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: “Spiral Arches” is a journey inspired by the role and the historical value of arch, to explore the evolution of arches in Islamic Architecture from the ancient Horseshoes Arch to the modern Parabolic Arch. This evolution symbols the development of solutions to many practical and intellectual problems. The pavilion consists of 100 layers of arches, forming an 88 meters long arcade guiding into the courtyard. The arcade begins with the modern Parabolic Arch, and leads back to the ancient Horseshoes Arch, which was the first Muslim adaptation and modification of the design of the arch. An abstract form of fountain artwork is placed at the courtyard in the centre of the pavilion; it represents the origin of the journey and the architectural layout of the pavilion.

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