Project: "MS Youth Tobacco Survey Poster Series"
Company:MS Tobacco Data, Social Science Research Center, MS State University
Designer(s): Miranda Robertson Mississippi Tobacco Data Social Science Research Center Mississippi State University, United States
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Entry Description: This poster series is designed to showcase the key findings from the MS Youth Tobacco Survey, an annual survey conducted by MS Tobacco Data for the Office of Tobacco Control at the MS State Department of Health. The posters are distributed to schools across the state that are selected to participate in the survey and are also used widely among numerous public health advocacy groups within the state. Therefore, this series is designed to appeal to two very diverse target audiences: school-age youth as well as policy makers and legislators, making this project a challenging and rewarding design experience. To incorporate the MS Tobacco Data brand, a designed paper band is used for efficient poster distribution. The MS Tobacco Data branding is also designed by Miranda Robertson. Actual size of each poster: 18"x24"

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