Project: "Finance Guide"
Company:Datadot Estúdio
Designer(s): Flavia Marinho, Otavio Burin, Kauan Machado, Raul Aguiar, Bruno Sousa, Fabricio Miranda, Jorge Oliveira, Brazil
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Special edition of Superinteressante magazine. The issue was meant to be a finance guide for beginners, so Datadot Estúdio, in a partnership with journalists, created the project of an easy-to-read magazine, with visual content, illustration and infographics. The guide showed investments divided by risk level: from low risk to very high risk. To guide the reader in such division, we used resources such as chromatic scale and chapter opening with illustrations and letterings that referred to the level of risk of the presented investments. Datadot was responsible for creating the concept, graphic project, art direction and layout of the whole issue. Illustrations were conceived in a partnership with the editor and created by Raul Aguiar. Letterings were created by type designer Kauan Machado. The art director of the cover was Fabrício Miranda, with illustration by Bruno Sousa.

About the Designer/Company
Datadot is a design studio focused on infographics and data visualization. We convert complex data, drafts and information into simple, beautiful and high-impact visual content.