Project: "Peakfactor Social Intranet"
Company:Buryat UG
Designer(s): Till Mieskes, Daniel Sehrt, Florian Schönhammer, Evgeny Onutchin, Benedikt Lahme, Mia Hall, Oleg Liubyvyi, Simon Englhart, Viktor Baychev, Germany
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Highly flexible social intranet web application for enterprise networks and organisations with large number of use scenarios. Modular collaboration platform developed as a form of digital hub for organisational operations. As white-label product the system offers flexible interface that fits the clients brand.

About the Designer/Company
From first days of career driven by enormous motivation for remarkable products and unforgettable experiences. Along the career route, solving digital and physical products development tasks using Lean UX and self-structured design methods. Intensively practicing conceptualisation and ideation processes using hybrid thinking emerged from Industrial Design background. With great sense to details creating pixel perfect interfaces for precisely specified user personas.