Project: "Ming-Style Heels"
Designer(s): Lee,Po-Te, Taiwan
Category: Accessory, Student
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Entry Description: “Ming Style Furniture” refers to the dark-colored hardwood furniture from the late Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty (AD 1523-1735), which possesses the unique design, structure and decoration style of traditional Chinese furniture. Ming Style Furniture represents an icon with great influence in the history of world furniture. Many classic designs of the furniture from the Europe in the 20th century are influenced by the Ming Style. Making use of the natural characteristics of the hard hood, Ming Style Furniture is characterized by simple design, precise structure, proper decoration, elegant texture and lively flowing lines. We incorporate the elements of Ming Style Furniture into high heels, hoping to create a work that can stay in line with contemporary fashion and promote the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

About the Designer/Company
I come from Taiwan. And I study in the Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of the Oriental Institute of Technology. Email Address:pote85712@gmail.com