Project: "Cinema - InFlight Entertainment Guide"
Company:DeMouton & Co. / Aerogroup
Designer(s): Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Aerogroup, DeMouton , Russian Federation
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Cinema is an in-flight entertainment guide for Aeroflot passengers. The magazine is printed monthly with a run of over 50 000 copies. The magazine contains two large sections - feature sections and catalogue of the content in the onboard entertainment system. Features are all dedicated to movies and movie stars, including interviews, stories from the stage, timelines, etc. Magazine catalog contains all the content from all the IFE systems of Aeroflot's fleet. Magazine also contains English summary section for english-reading passengers.

About the Designer/Company
I am an art director at Aerogroup and CEO and art director at DeMouton & Co studio. Worked for 16 years with a number of brands (Aeroflot, Audi, Subaru, Mazda, Opel), magazines (Snob, Psychologies, Cinema, SF Light), sites, etc.