Project: " No Curtain House"
Company:Setmund Leung Design Ltd
Designer(s): Setmund Leung Kam Biu, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Title: No Curtain House This 50 year-old house is 1500 square feet, with low ceiling, very old building structure, many crossbeam and bad scenery which can accommodate 5 people. In order to fulfill the owner’s requirement, redeveloping and redecoration is necessary. . Requirement: This is the ancestral house which would not be sold and for owners’ descendants. It is necessary to be re-designed and redecorated, to be the modern for urban living. Features: Fully utilize all concealed windows, architectural columns and crossbeams become design elements 3 main points of design: 1 ) The view of majority rooms will be affected by the windows, which perceived less attractive, thus the innovative design is needed. In order to take account of light and maintenance problems, the decorative sliding doors are used as the shutters to hide the windows away. The sliding doors are easy to open and the style is the same as the wardrobe which provides the neat, tidy and consistent perception. 2 ) There are the large crossbeams in the central of the house’s ceiling. Such crossbeams would not be covered by the false ceiling directly as they would make the ceiling lower causing oppressing sensation. The innovate design of ceiling is that the false ceiling would be made and built together with the crossbeams so that they will become the part of false ceiling. The special and unique perception can be provided. (a: use the two big crossbeams on the ceiling to develop the false ceiling together with rectangle frames in the living room; b: use the central crossbeam to create the false ceiling with irregular and artistic perception in the master bedroom) 3 ) In order to hide the ugly view and create the better wall’s view, we need to make use of the covert door to hide part of the door position, such as kitchen and corridor. , As this house is for own use in long term, the material to be used are durable and aesthetic, such as the tile, glass and LED lighting, which is long lasting with modern style for the owners and their descendants.

About the Designer/Company
Setmund Leung is international famous designer, He had gained many international awards and his own publications and collected by all public libraries. And interviewed by Hong Kong and overseas professional magazines, newspapers and TV channels ; Design always exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and South Korea etc.