Project: "CPC Receptacles"
Designer(s): Anthony Deen, Mike Boylan, Craig Dobie, Lady Tanmantiong, Brad Scott, United States
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Professional
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Entry Description: The Central Park Conservancy with a grant from the Alcoa Foundation, asked Landor to collaborate on a trash and recycling initiative/ The brief included design of a new trash bin while also identifying the Conservancy's contributions to the park. The design team saw the assignment as one of not solely product design but of engaging the Conservancy's mandate of environmental stewardship and sustainability. For the designer the solution had to simultaneously encourage visitors to recycle more; increase operational ease and efficiency; dialogue with the park's vernacular landscapes, and increase visitor awareness of the Conservancy's contributions to the park. For the Landor, this was an opportunity to use design as a change agent to educate visitors and modify their behavior.

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