Project: "Katara Art Center Rebrand"
Company:28 Design Consultancy
Designer(s): Anis Bengiuma, Nuno Pereira and Anas Alabsi, Qatar
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Katara Art Center is a collaborative, ground-level contemporary art center that fosters creativity and spurs cultural industries here in Doha. It thrives to host and inspire both emerging, established artists and designers connecting them to a growing local creative community. As part of a new strategy, after a few years operation, the centre's brand identity needed a revamp and align it to its core principles of bringing the unexpected, being open, approachable to all, Innovative, informal and engaging the public. 28 took the original brand mark and revived the concept of a place that gathers ideas and talents and bring to life by improving readability in both Arabic and English languages, simplifying form and content and making an adaptive visual language that is versatile and easy to implement in future brand communications.

About the Designer/Company
28 is a design consultancy (Member of House of Art W.L.L) founded to provide strategic design services in brand identity and brand communication. We make an impact by translating brand values and vision into a user experience that increases brand value.