Project: "White Form"
Company:ClearSpace Architecture and Interior Design
Designer(s): Lydia Chen, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This case is designing for a working environment. During the design discussion, the most important thing is to communicate and to convey the correct information. Therefore, the space design is providing a clean, clear and smooth flowing environment for discussion. The concept is that communication has no boundaries. This design provides an open space environment. We use a lot of light materials and tall products. For example, we use a lot of glass material to form the walls and separate spaces. This results in a space that feels more light weighted, transparent, flexible and bright. Circular pillar express unlimited acceptance of opinions. All of the surrounded white cabinets gives plenty of storage space neatly with the tag identification management system. This limits clutter. In addition, we choose bright light colors, such as white to create a comfortable and bright working space. White conveys the concept that everything is possible. Natural wood desktop expresses warm feeling between people. The design of the ceiling, the lights between the cabinets, and the hidden AC vents not only provide enough lightening but also shows irregularity combining with regularity. It presents the company norms and codes of self-discipline. This office design focuses on conveying the idea of seeking changes within the context of rules, presenting everything ranging from abstract ideas to a solid layout. While beautiful, the design has limited extra styling. It does have plenty of storage space while being comfortable, clean and highly functional.

About the Designer/Company
Founded in 2005. Award-winning interior and design company which expertise in the interior design of high quality residential and commercial projects, villa, salon, shop, spa, dental Clinic, existing & remodeled homes and public Art work. Beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of final design elements to complete the project. To create humanities, natural, simple, aesthetic of space. Affirmed the award-winning works at domestic and abroad, and continues published in international magazines. Our professional design planning capabilities, including eco-friendly construction methods and high quality construction specifications, are second-to-none. We provide the best quality and the customer-oriented service our clients expect.