Project: "Book of life will open"
Company:ClearSpace Architecture and Interior Design
Designer(s): Lydia Chen, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: In traditional China, there is a common paean: "A book holds a house of gold, a book holds a fair lady". To be more traditionally Western, many would claim that I read, therefore I am. For this project, the owner is a professor. He is also an avid. Reflecting the importance of books in both his professional and personal life, we placed books at the center of the design concept for the house. We want to build a scholarly but comfortable atmosphere. The core colors of reading, black, gray and white, dominate the design, while natural wood colors harken back to traditional libraries while hinting at scrolls and book covers. Book lovers talk about the smell of a new book, about the excitement that comes from creasing the book to protect the binding. The eagerness and promise of the coming read. Knowing how intimately bibliophiles examine books, the design incorporates all of the aspects of the physical object. The core shape, a rectangle, can be found repeatedly. The spine of the book, the foundation of the structure, can be found in the chandelier for the eating space. Books are not only 90 degree angles they contain curves as well. The curves and arches in this space are the same as found in an open book. Open a book, and you are drawn into the pages found there. As you turn the pages, you see different angles as light is refracted. The paper page can be found throughout the design. Light through the windows streams through as if through paper. The translucent screens recreate this effect as do the lamps and different layers of light in the master bedroom. The side of the chandelier and the curtains both reflect the look of a closed book. Paper, of course, can be folded. This usage of paper to create art is traditional in Asian culture. To create modern feeling furniture, while maintaining the book theme, we used shapes that felt like folded paper. The television stand, the dining table, the coffee table legs and many other aspects of the furniture use this design approach.

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Founded in 2005. Award-winning interior and design company which expertise in the interior design of high quality residential and commercial projects, villa, salon, shop, spa, dental Clinic, existing & remodeled homes and public Art work. Beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of final design elements to complete the project. To create humanities, natural, simple, aesthetic of space. Affirmed the award-winning works at domestic and abroad, and continues published in international magazines. Our professional design planning capabilities, including eco-friendly construction methods and high quality construction specifications, are second-to-none. We provide the best quality and the customer-oriented service our clients expect.