Project: "Beijing MILU Park"
Company:Believe Vision Design Office
Designer(s): Yongan Zhou, China
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Beijing Milu park, founded in 1985, was part of the royal enclosed ground for raising animals. It is the first natural habitat for field herding of pere david's deers. Considering the environment of the zoo, our design inspiration comes from the animals and the plants in the place. Different colors were adopted not only for different functional areas in the zoo, but for enriching the overall design system as well. The whole design expresses a natural state of clearness and vividness.

About the Designer/Company
I am a Graphic Designer. Master of Fine Arts School of Design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Membership of ico-D Membership of American Institute of Graphic Arts(AIGA) Membership of Society For Environmental Grapic Design