Project: "Fluidigm - Juno"
Designer(s): fuseproject, United States
Category: Industrial and Life Science Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Juno is a breakthrough platform for high-throughput DNA testing. The shape is sculptural and practical; a delicate balance between a futuristic piece of machinery and something more familiar. The aluminum enclosure is machined at high speed and the rough cuts visible and used as finished surfaces, which is a cost saving. The resultant ridges run along the exterior in a fluid, yet pronounced way, and resemble the miniature functional traces on the cell sample cartridge that enable single cell manipulations. The product is split in two halves, the diagonal break allowing a better and faster access of the internals for regular checks and maintenance. The colors are dark grey and purple grey like carbon, an organic and yet mechanical feeling element; a royal purple, like the brand identity, to stand out among the other life science machines. The screen is tilted upward at a slight angle to better support a standing lab technician, while the touch screen can disappear into the surrounding face to create more seamless integration.

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