Project: " 2WAY DOORS Washing machine"
Designer(s): Hye yoon sim So yeon park Ju hee lim Designsori academy, Korea, Republic of
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: 2WAY DOORS washing machine solved the problem of the traditional washing machine using two doors. Users find lots of inconveniences when they use the washing machine in their daily lives. they have to open a large door to put one or two small loads into the machine, or let the door open after washing to prevent it from becoming damp due to humidity and mold. It is possible to simply push small loads of laundry into the round revolving door of 2way doors washing machine. The square door is also proper to put a large amount of laundry. Doors are closed upon operation, and the round revolving door is unlocked after washing for air circulation.

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